Worship Gatherings, 10/25 - 10/26/14 - Fellowship Bible Church

This was our second week going through Paul's letter to the Colossians together as a church. Our family pastor, Brian Tryhus, shared from Colossians 1:15-29 (one of my favorite passages) about being set on the authentic gospel, in the person and work of Jesus. It was a great weekend all together.

Pre-Service - "Death In His Grave" (D) [John Mark McMillan]
"Jesus!" (A) [Zach Bolen, Brian Eichelberger]
"Before The Throne" (E) [Charitie Lees Bancroft]
"Center" (D) [Charlie Hall, Matt Redman]
"Man of Sorrows" (D) [Matt Crocker, Brooke Ligertwood]
"Son of God" (G) [Tim Neufeld, Jon Neufeld, Ed Cash, Gordon Cochran]

We had a small team this weekend, and they did a fantastic job. We sang a few newer songs that we had introduced previously in different environments, like our worship night. "Death In His Grave" is a powerful, poetic look at what Jesus accomplished in His death and resurrection. "Jesus" was a great fit for this weekend, as it draws from the same passage from which Brian taught. "Center" was another one that was really tied in. "Man of Sorrows" is a song that I took a while to incorporate, but it is really resonating with me right now. I love the proclamation of the gospel contained in this one, and I look forward to continuing to sing it together.

All together, I think the service was well-connected, and we were able to respond to God in singing about the very thing we studied - who Jesus is and what He has done.

I really enjoyed this weekend, even if it had a slightly different feel than some other weekends. Jesus was exalted, and I think we were humbled before Him because of who He is and what He has done for us. He is so good to us.