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Faithful One
(Revelation 1:8; Revelation 4:8-11)

You are beginning and end
Unchanging Savior and Friend
You are strong in power
Lord, there is no other

You will not be shaken
You will not be moved

Holy, holy is the Lord Almighty
Who was and is, and is to come
We lift our voices to declare Your glory
The faithful One is worthy of our praise

Your Word will stand forever
The world will bow together
You are the reigning King
We will worship at Your feet

Name Above All Names
(Isaiah 52:13-15; Philippians 2:1-11)

Kings will shut their mouths
And nations bow down
To Your throne
Your enemies will fall
And rulers stand in awe
Of Your might, of Your might

You are the Name above all names
You are the King above all kings
Forever You will reign, we will declare
You are the Name above all names

The mountains tremble
And the waves remember
Your voice
The stars are burning
And the earth is turning
By Your hand, by Your hand

Every knee will bow before You
Every tongue confess that You are Lord, You are Lord
Every knee will bow before You
Every tongue confess that You are King, You are King

Jesus, You
(Romans 3-5)

Who can rescue man from sin?
Who can break him from this hopeless prison?
Who can bear the wrath ahead?
Who can make him live, though he's long been dead?

Who could like the darkest night?
Who could speak a word, that death would turn to life?
Who could heal this hopeless pain?
Who could make it right, and make me live again?

You, Jesus, You

Death reigned and all men died
Till You paid the promised price
The ransom of Your life
Most holy sacrifice

But the grave could not contain
The Lamb who bore my stain
You died and rose again

You, Jesus, You

Now death, where is your sting?
You send me home
Where forever I will sing

You, Jesus, You

You're The Only One
(Ps. 139)

In the shadows, in the empty, in the darkness,
You are near, You are here
In the trial, in the fire, in the pain,
You are with me, You are with me

I won't be afraid
I won't be afraid

You're the only one
Who hears me when I call
You're the only one
To catch me when I fall

In the quiet, in the silence, in the whispers,
You are listening–Lord, You hear me
In the hopeless, in the helpless, in the hurting
You are life, You are the light

Your love never fails
Your love never fails

The dark is like the light to You
And night as bright as day
Wherever I go, Lord, You remain

Only A Word
(Genesis 1; Job 38; John 1:1-5; Romans 4:17; Colossians 1:15-17)

With a word You throw the spheres and space is formed
With Your voice You fill the void with light and worlds
With Your arm You carve the ocean from the shore
With Your breath You move the dust and life is born

With only a word, stars come blazing forth
Only one verb, and darkness is no more
Only Your voice can pierce us through, oh Lord
This world can be transformed with only a word

With a thought You ease the waves and still the sea
With Your hand You touch the blind and let him see
With a song You make the prison doors break free
Everything can change, when You say, "Let it be"

The sun aligns with You
For You are the Truth
You are reality
Before everything

Chasing The Horizon
(John 1:5)

A tired sun hides in the west
Unmasking the night
A phantom hand strains to steal
And renders me blind

And it leaves me wanting
Hope's whisper still

The darkness, the shadows won
Forsaken, my light has gone
In faceless oblivion
Chasing the horizon

Beneath this shroud my terror grows
With death before my eyes
Has the sun abandoned his might
Or promised new life

The east is mourning
But new hope is born

The darkness, the shadows run
In light of the breaking dawn
Erasing the night so long
I'm facing the rising sun

Lamb Of God
(John 1:29; 1 Peter 1:8, 2:24-25; Ephesians 2:1-10; Romans 3)

The Son of God hung on a tree
Poured out to death to make us free
The Righteous One suffered in our place
That we might live because of grace

Now we sing redemption's song
For our freedom is in Your blood

The Lamb of God gave His life
For our sin, the ransom price
We were dead, but we are alive
Bought with the precious blood of Christ

The Holy One for sinners pierced
A crimson cross, a bloody spear
The King of kings with a crown of thorns
By His great love, we are reborn

Nothing compares, nothing compares
With Your love, with Your love
Nothing can save, nothing can save us
But Your blood, it's Your blood

Cars And Planes
(for my wife)

I want you to know
That I am so tired of letting go
To empty cars and lonely roads
The mileage does its damage
Don't think that I can manage
I hate to see you go

I hate the cars and all the planes
And everything that takes you away from me
I wait for stars to fall like rain
So I can wish this pain away from me

As I drive I know
I might not be alive tomorrow
With my heart buried in snow
Leaving you is cleaving me
And it beats away my sanity
I'm begging you to stay

Never Be The Same
(Jeremiah 18)

The end of me comes uneasily
But I won't move until You're through
Until I'm changed
Until I'm new

I will never be the same
I will never be the same again

A fallen man waiting on Your hand
To take this broken clay, dirty and ashamed
Mend my heart
Have Your way in me

Holding out my hands
With all I've ever done
Please try to understand
I've never given everything to anyone

Running Away
(Ezekiel 16)

You packed your things and headed for the door
You left my love lying on the floor
You shut your eyes so quick to blame
You leave again, but it always stays the same

Because you're always running away
No matter what I do or say
Turn back now, I know the place it takes you
And I hate to see you go

You kissed my cheek and left my empty arms
For other loves and all their empty charms
I will stay, though you might leave
And go your way–I'll be waiting patiently

What's the matter with my love?
Tell me it's not good enough
There's nothing left to give
I've given you all I have

Please come home

Sycamore Song
(a metaphor–see Ecclesiastes)

Leave lie, casualties of winter
And victims of the fall
That leave the tree without
Exposed and bare to all

Alone, he claws the cold, gray sky
With desperation's cry
It suffocates the air
And winter steals a life

This sycamore is weeping for
His love now gone
He waited, he held on for too long
But he never whispered how much she meant
He never thought they would reach the end
And now, she is gone

She is gone

Don't blink
Don't you miss a thing
'Cause love lies bleeding in the spring
After fall, and winter's call
And you find you never loved at all

Don't be there

Where tears are falling just like the leaves
And hope has fallen to its knees
And love, love is gone

She is gone