Worship Gatherings, 11/01 - 11/02/14 - Fellowship Bible Church

This is a little late this week, but this past weekend was a powerful celebration of the gospel together. Pastor Joe's message from Colossians 2 pointed us to rest in the gospel, and it was a beautiful message for all of us. We also had a special communion time together as a church family to cap it off. Our team led well, and it was simply a moving time of worship together.

Here are the songs we sang this weekend:

Pre-Service - "Beloved" (Eb) [Derek Webb]
"Made Alive" (C) [Zach Bolen, Brian Eichelberger]
Communion - "In My Place" (A) [Michael Bleecker, Matt Boswell]
"Nothing But The Blood (Chorus only)" (A) [Robert Lowry]
"Your Great Name" (Bb) [Michael Neale, Krissy Nordhoff]
"Jesus Paid It All" (Bb) [John T. Grape, Elvina M. Hall, Alex Nifong]