A Poem from Psalm 31

In You, O Lord, I find refuge,
Protect me from disgrace.
Your righteousness delivers me,
Your fortress, strong to save.

You are my Rock, You lead and guide
To praise of Your great name.
You rescue me out of their net,
My spirit You redeem.

I spurn the ones who pay regard
To idols – empty, vain,
And I will trust in You alone –
Your love, my hope, remains.

You notice my affliction here,
The sorrow of my soul.
You shield me from my enemies
And make for me a home.

Be gracious, Lord, in my distress –
My eyes, they waste away.
My grief erodes body and soul,
My life is spent in pain.

I feel like one forgotten, dead,
And broken like a jar,
But I will trust in You, O Lord –
I say, my God You are.

I know my times are in Your hand;
You rescue me from foes.
Please make Your face to shine on me
And save me in Your love.

O let me not be put to shame
For on Your name I call;
Lord, silence those with lying lips
And let the wicked fall.

How plenteous is Your goodness, Lord –
You’ve stored it for Your own,
And worked that good for those who hide
Their hope in You alone.

O bless the Lord for He has shown
His steadfast love to me,
Though I was cut off from all hope,
I cried – You heard my pleas.

O love the Lord, all You, His saints,
The faithful, He preserves;
Let strength and courage find Your heart
That waits upon the Lord.