Fellowship Service Recap - 07/09 - 07/10/16

This weekend we wrapped up our series on the life of David, Rise or Fall. The message this weekend from our family pastor, Brian Tryhus, was about the legacy of David as a man after God's own heart. Despite many moments of serious failure with heavy consequences, David always responded to his sin with confession and repentance and turned back to the Lord in faith and obedience. Brian challenged us to respond in the same way to our sin so that we might all be people after God's own heart like David.

A highlight of the message for me was a story Brian shared about G.K. Chesterton. He told us how a London newspaper had asked authors to answer the question, "What is wrong with the world today?" G.K. Chesterton's response was simply,

Dear Sirs,

I am.

G.K. Chesteron

In light of the tragic events in our country and around the world over these past few weeks, that answer is simple but profound. We all need to recognize that we, because of sin, are are each part of the problem with the world. The solution is to pursue a life of humility, confession, repentance, and loveā€“like David.

Here's what we sang together this weekend:

Pre-service: "How Can It Be" [Lauren Daigle]
"In Tenderness" [Citizens & Saints]
"God With Us" [All Sons & Daughters]
"I Stand Amazed" [Charles Hutchison Gabriel]
"Grace Flows Down" [Christy Nockels, Passion Worship Band]
"O Come To The Altar" [Elevation Worship]

It felt like a heavy weekend as we gathered together, but one in which I felt a great deal of hope because of Jesus and His gospel. We had planned for a few weeks to emphasize how Christ had worked redemption and forgiveness for our sin through the cross, and I can see how God was at work in the planning because it felt very fitting to sing these songs together this weekend. Our team led well, and the church sang out together as we celebrated the light and hope of the gospel message, even in the face of great darkness, both within each of us and in our world.

in the Son,


Fellowship Service Recap - 06/11 - 06/12/16

This was week two of our series through the life of David, Rise or Fall, and Joe shared about how to walk with God when we're waiting. It was a timely message for those who are walking through suffering, sorrow, and trials, and a powerful reminder of how God is at work even when we cannot see it and when we have to wait to see the outcome. He is faithful and good, and working it all together according to His sovereign purposes.

Here's what we sang together:

"Rejoice" [Dustin Kensrue]
"Everlasting God" [Brenton Brown]
"It is Well" [Todd Fields]
"Always" [Kristian Stanfill]

It was an encouraging and comforting weekend of worship together. There have been several unexpected deaths and illness in our church recently, and it was clear that God was at work in the timing and the planning of the entire service. We needed to hear the words of this message, and we needed to sing the words of these songs together. I'm thankful that the Lord is at work among us and reminding us who He is and what He has done and will do. He will never leave us or forsake us, and He will make all things new and right all wrongs.

May we all be reminded of God's faithfulness and trustworthiness as you walk through trials, through suffering, and through sorrow. He is with us.

in the Son,