A Poem from Psalm 31

In You, O Lord, I find refuge,
Protect me from disgrace.
Your righteousness delivers me,
Your fortress, strong to save.

You are my Rock, You lead and guide
To praise of Your great name.
You rescue me out of their net,
My spirit You redeem.

I spurn the ones who pay regard
To idols – empty, vain,
And I will trust in You alone –
Your love, my hope, remains.

You notice my affliction here,
The sorrow of my soul.
You shield me from my enemies
And make for me a home.

Be gracious, Lord, in my distress –
My eyes, they waste away.
My grief erodes body and soul,
My life is spent in pain.

I feel like one forgotten, dead,
And broken like a jar,
But I will trust in You, O Lord –
I say, my God You are.

I know my times are in Your hand;
You rescue me from foes.
Please make Your face to shine on me
And save me in Your love.

O let me not be put to shame
For on Your name I call;
Lord, silence those with lying lips
And let the wicked fall.

How plenteous is Your goodness, Lord –
You’ve stored it for Your own,
And worked that good for those who hide
Their hope in You alone.

O bless the Lord for He has shown
His steadfast love to me,
Though I was cut off from all hope,
I cried – You heard my pleas.

O love the Lord, all You, His saints,
The faithful, He preserves;
Let strength and courage find Your heart
That waits upon the Lord.

A Poem from Psalm 50

They Mighty One, the Lord, He speaks
And summons Earth, sunrise to set.
Out of perfect Zion He shines –
He comes and does not keep silent.

Before Him is consuming fire,
A mighty hurricane surrounds.
He calls to all to face their Judge
And see His righteousness abounds.

“Hear, O My people, I will speak
And testify against Your crimes.
For I am God, Your God alone,
And ev'ry creature here is mine.

“I do not need Your sacrifice;
Your offerings - an empty chore.
What I desire is hearts of thanks,
And faithful love, for I’m the Lord.”

A Poem from Psalm 38

Teach me to hold my tongue, O Lord,
When wickedness prevails,
To keep silence and hold, O Lord,
My peace, though no avail.

Make me to know my end, O Lord,
And measure all my days,
To know the breath that is my life
And shadows of my ways.

I wait for You alone, O Lord,
My hope is in Your hand.
Deliver me from sins unknown –
My selfishness as man.

I dare not open up my mouth
Because Your discipline
Consumes what is so dear to me
That I forsake my sin.

Give ear to my request, O Lord,
Do not neglect my tears.
Look kindly on Your servant’s face
That I may so be cheered.

A Poem from Psalm 83

O God, please do not keep silence;
Do not hold Your peace or be still.
Your enemies have raised their heads
And scheme against Your sov'reign will.

O God, make them like whirling dust,
Like refuse blown before the wind.
Pursue them like consuming fire
And terrify them with their sin.

Humble them – fill them with shame,
That they may seek Your glorious Name.

A Poem from Psalm 65

Praise waits for You in silence, Lord,
O You who hears our cry.
To You all flesh shall come and bring
Their praise to You on high.

Iniquites prevail against
But You atone for sin.
You bless the ones You choose to bring
That they may enter in.

By awesome deeds You answer us
With righteousness to save.
The hope of all the earth You are
Of rescue from the grave.

You are the One who by His might
The mountains built with strength;
Who stills the roaring of the seas,
Who calms the raging waves.

From Your right hand the earth You bless
With water and with life.
The earth will stand in wonder, Lord,
In awe of Your great signs.

A Poem from Psalm 77

I cry aloud to God and He will hear;
In trouble, I stretch out my hand to Him.
My soul cannot be comforted, I fear –
My spirit faints as I remember Him.

So troubled is my soul I cannot speak
When I consider days of long ago.
Let me recall my songs in dead of night
And search for Him whose love I long to know.

Has God forgotten grace and love in wrath?
To answer, I Iook to His faithful past.

I will remember all Your deeds, O Lord,
And ponder all the works that You have done.
Your way, O God, is holy like none else –
You are the God whose wonders stand alone.

The waters saw Your face and fled in fear;
The clouds poured out the water they had held.
The skies gave forth the thunder and the wind;
The earth it shook and mountains surely fell.

Your way was through the sea and waters great,
Your footprints hidden from Your people's eyes.
You led them as a shepherd leads his flock
And brought them safely to the place supplied.

A Poem from Psalm 63

You are my God, and I seek You.
My soul thirsts and flesh faints for You.
As in a world without water,
I look to You o'er all others.

Your steadfast love surpasses life –
My lips will praise and glorify.
And I will bless for all my days,
And lift my hands in Your great name.

When I remember on my bed,
I think of You with quiet breath –
How You have been my help so strong,
The shadow of Your wings my song.

I cling to Your upholding hand,
Despite the one who seeks my end.
I still rejoice in You, my Hope,
My confidence in You alone.