A Poem from Psalm 77

I cry aloud to God and He will hear;
In trouble, I stretch out my hand to Him.
My soul cannot be comforted, I fear –
My spirit faints as I remember Him.

So troubled is my soul I cannot speak
When I consider days of long ago.
Let me recall my songs in dead of night
And search for Him whose love I long to know.

Has God forgotten grace and love in wrath?
To answer, I Iook to His faithful past.

I will remember all Your deeds, O Lord,
And ponder all the works that You have done.
Your way, O God, is holy like none else –
You are the God whose wonders stand alone.

The waters saw Your face and fled in fear;
The clouds poured out the water they had held.
The skies gave forth the thunder and the wind;
The earth it shook and mountains surely fell.

Your way was through the sea and waters great,
Your footprints hidden from Your people's eyes.
You led them as a shepherd leads his flock
And brought them safely to the place supplied.