Fellowship Service Recap - 07/16 - 07/17/16

This weekend we began our series through Paul's letters to Timothy, Keep The Faith. For his message this weekend, Pastor Joe shared about how the Gospel changes the way we interact with others–primarily leading us to love others as Christ has first loved us. It was a great reminder of both the Gospel message for us, and the Gospel impact on our daily lives and leadership.

Here's what we sang together:

"Leaning On The Everlasting Arms" [Elisha Albright Hoffman, Anthony J. Showalter]
"Before The Throne" [The Modern Post]
"Jesus!" [Citizens & Saints]
"Hosanna" [Hillsong United]
"Jesus Take All Of Me (Just As I Am)" [Brenton Brown]

It was a great weekend together. The team worked hard and served well, and Jesus was lifted up. I really enjoyed singing "Jesus Take All of Me"–it had been a while!

I hope you had a great weekend of worship, too.

in the Son,