Songs We Sing - 05/02 - 05/03/15 - Fellowship Bible Church

This weekend, we began our message series through 1 Corinthians - "Grounded." Joe began by looking at the idea of unity within the Church, based on the Word of Christ, the cross of Christ, and the Lordship of Christ.

Here are our songs from this weekend:

Pre-Service - "Those Who Trust" [Don Chaffer - Waterdeep]
"O Worship The King" [Robert Grant, Johann Michael Haydn, Chris Tomlin]
"Lamb of God" [Jason Ingram, Andi Rozier, Meredith Andrews - Vertical Church Band]
"Lord of All" [Kristian Stanfill]
"Jesus!" [Zach Bolen, Brian Eichelberger - Citizens & Saints]

We had a great weekend of worship together! "Those Who Trust" is always a favorite, and we hadn't sung it for a while, so it was fun to bring it back. Tomlin's modern arrangement of "O Worship The King" is one of my favorite hymn rewrites. It preserves the original melody and adds a fitting chorus that I really enjoy singing. "Lamb of God" is a new one that we first introduced at our Good Friday services. This is a beautiful and moving song about Christ's work on the cross for our atonement, and I am really looking forward to continuing to sing it together. "Lord of All" remains a staple for our church, and for good reason: it's a GREAT song that is all about the Lord! Citizens & Saints' "Jesus!" is a powerful declaration of the surpassing worth of Jesus Christ of all worship and honor and glory from Philippians 2. One thing I love about Citizens & Saints is how they incorporate Scripture so well into their songs. I believe this helps with how well their songs resonate with the Church.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. I hope you had the opportunity to worship Jesus together with a local body of believers this weekend!