Service Recap - 11/7 - 11/8/15 - Fellowship Bible Church

For our third weekend of our Rebuild series, Pastor Joe shared about our internal resistance to having our hearts devoted to the Lord. He talked about the value of the daily practices of repentance, dependence, and obedience in rebuilding a heart for God, and being available for His working in us.

Here are our songs from this weekend:

Pre-Service - "Hail the King" [Zach Bolen, Brian Eichelberger of Citizens & Saints]
"Sing to the King" [Charles Sylvester Horne, Billy Foote]
"How Can It Be" [Jeff Johnson, Jason Ingram, Paul Mabury, as sung by Lauren Daigle]
"Jesus Take All of Me (Just As I Am)" [Charlotte Elliot, Brenton Brown]

It was a great weekend, as we celebrated the Lord's Supper together and looked at the condition of our hearts for God. We sang "How Can It Be" (sung by Lauren Daigle) again, which is one of my favorite newer songs that I have heard. It is an honest and thankful song of worship, looking at all the Lord has done for our redemption and to bring us to Himself, despite all of our sin. He is so good to us. For the Lord's Supper and the response time, we sang "Jesus Take All of Me (Just As I Am)," which is Brenton Brown's modern arrangement of one of my favorite hymns, "Just As I Am." I love the beautiful image of coming to Jesus with nothing but our sin and Him accepting us based on Himself and His work for us. Our salvation is not dependent on us, but on our gracious heavenly Father. He has done great things for us!

I hope you had a great weekend of worship, too!

In the Son,