Songs We Sing, 08/23 - 08/24/14 - Fellowship Bible Church

It was a great weekend as Pastor Joe continued in our fourth week of our "Choose Love" series. It was a challenging message that got right to the core issues of vulnerability and hiding in marriage and relationships. 

Here are the songs we sang this week:

"You Brought Me Back To Life" (Bb) [Zach Bolen, Brian Eichelberger - sung by Citizens & Saints]
"Here's My Heart" (Bb) [Louie Giglio, Jason Ingram, Chris Tomlin - sung by David Crowder]
"This Is Amazing Grace" (Bb) [Phil Wickham, Josh Farro, Jeremy Riddle]
"Rejoice" (Bb) [Dustin Kensrue, Stuart Townend]

"Here's My Heart" was brand new for us, and it is a song that I have been interested in singing for a while. I think it was a meaningful moment for our congregation coming out of Joe's message, and gave us some words with which to respond to the Lord's leading and prompting in us. We reprised "You Brought Me Back To Life" from last week as we continue to teach it, and it seems like our congregation is engaging with it even more. The final two songs, "This Is Amazing Grace" and "Rejoice" are staples for us, and were great pictures for us of the unconditional and faithful love the Lord has for us. He knows our weakness and our sin, yet He loves us and is faithful to us. That's the kind of love He calls us to in our relationships, as well.

It was a strong weekend, and our team did a great job. I'm so thankful for the privilege of leading our congregation together for the glory of Jesus.

I hope you had a great weekend wherever you were. Thanks for reading!

- Bill