Songs We Sing, 07/12 - 07/13/14 - Fellowship Bible Church

This weekend, we started a special short series about the end times, called "In Light of Eternity." We started on Friday night with Catacombs event, which was an extended Bible study time through the book of Daniel. We continued into the services Saturday with Pastor Joe preaching a message about the significance and importance of studying prophecy and the end times, and how we can begin to align our lives with the reality and hope we have in Jesus.

Here are our songs from this weekend:

"Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)" (G) [Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown]
"Hail The King" (G) [Zach Bolen, Brian Eichelberger]
"Come Lord Jesus" (G) [Dustin Kensrue]
"Lord of All" (A) [Kristian Stanfill]
"You Have Overcome" (A) [Bill Horn, Erik Oldberg]

We had a small band for this weekend, and they all did a fantastic job. We even pulled off a song in 5/4 time ("Come Lord Jesus"), which was a little crazy. It's hard to feel at rest in 5/4, but I feel that it heightens the tension and intensity of a song. At any rate, it was a first our team and for me to do a song in that time signature in a church service. It won't be the last, however (hint, hint). "Hail The King" seems like it has taken root with our church, while "Lord of All" and "You Have Overcome" are both firmly established as part of our worship vocabulary. It was a great weekend, and I'm looking forward to our Bible conference this week as we continue our intensive focus on our future hope in Christ!