Songs We Sing, 06/07 - 06/08/14 - Fellowship Bible Church

This weekend was another great weekend with our church. Our team was really solid throughout the weekend. Our family pastor Brian Tryhus preached a powerful and challenging message about hope from the book of Hosea. It was also a communion weekend, which is always a particularly meaningful weekend for our congregation.

Here's our order from this weekend:

"Hail The King" (G) [Zach Bolen, Brian Eichelberger]
Communion - "How Deep The Father's Love For Us" (D) [Stuart Townend]
"One Thing Remains" (Bb) [Christa Black, Brian Johnson, Jeremy Riddle] 
"This Is Amazing Grace" (Bb) [Phil Wickham, Josh Farro, Jeremy Riddle]

It was a solid and meaningful weekend for our congregation, and I believe Jesus was lifted high by our church. Above all, I feel that many of us were wrestling with conviction from the message from the prophet Hosea, and were keenly aware of the incredible, unfailing love of God.