Songs We Sing, 06/14 - 06/15/2014 - Fellowship Bible Church

This Father's Day weekend, we looked at the idea of hope from the prophet Habakkuk. The title of Pastor Joe's message was, "How to Trust God When the Wicked are Winning." I think it was a great challenge for all of us to trust in the Lord, even when we don't understand what God is doing, or if He answers our prayers differently than we would like.

It was a great weekend in the life of our church. Being a part of child dedications is always a blessing, because we're in this together, and we all need to support parents as they disciple their children and point them to the Lord.

Here are our songs from our services this weekend:

"Hail The King" (G) [Zach Bolen, Brian Eichelberger]
"Always" (Bb) [Kristian Stanfill, Jason Ingram]
"Lord of All" (Bb) [Kristian Stanfill]
"Everlasting God" (Bb) [Brenton Brown, Ken Riley]

It was a fantastic weekend! Our team did a great job, like they always do. I have had "Hail The King" stuck in my head for a few weeks now, and it seems like our congregation is grabbing hold of it, too. "Always" was probably the highlight of the weekend, though, as we all sought actively to trust the Lord with the situations in our lives that we find unfair or that we don't understand. It was a powerful moment.

I continue to be blown away by all that the Lord continues to do in our church. The best is still yet to come!

Happy Father's Day!