Songs We Sing, 11/23 - 11/24/13 Fellowship Bible Church

As followers of Jesus, we are to remember and pass on the Word of God to the people in our lives. This was what our lead pastor, Joe Hishmeh, shared as we concluded our series titled "Faith." You can listen to or watch the entire messages and services here.

Here's our service plan:

Welcome "Happy Day" (B) [Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon]
Greeting Time
Child Dedications

Message - "Faith: Instructed" [Joe Hishmeh]
"10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)" (G) [Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin]
"Son of God" (G) [Tim Neufeld, Jon Neufeld, Ed Cash, Gordon Cochran]
"In Tenderness" (G) [Nate Garvey, Adoniram Judson Gordon, W. Spencer Walton]

Thoughts: This weekend was fun. Our team led well, and all the pieces connected well. Trent Raines did a great job co-leading. The weekend before Thanksgiving always seems to be a special one, as people are more mindful of their many blessings and reasons to worship the Lord.

The highlights for me were "In Tenderness" and "Son of God." The church sang well throughout the weekend, but it reached its peak when we sang those two songs. I absolutely love the declarations of those songs, and it's moving for me when I hear the congregation singing it out together. It was a great weekend.

One of the things I am most thankful for in my life is the congregation I get to serve each week. They are amazing people!

So, I leave you with this: what were your experiences, observations, or take-aways from this past weekend?

- Bill