Songs We Sing, 01/26 - 01/27/13 - Fellowship Bible Church

This weekend, we continued in the second week of our series through 2 Corinthians-- "Purpose In Christ." Joe shared about growing in forgiveness, and how forgiveness can be the demonstration of the victory that Christ has over sin. You can listen to or watch the entire message and service here. Here's our service plan from this weekend:

Welcome "In Tenderness" (G) [W. Spencer Walton, Adoniram J. Gordon, Nate Garvey, arr. by Citizens] "Sing to the King" (D) [Charles Sylvester Horne, Billy James Foote] Greeting Time/Announcements Message - "Purpose In Christ - Forgiveness" [Joe Hishmeh] "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)" (E) [Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin, John Newton, Edwin O. Excell, John P. Rees] "Forever Reign" (A) [Reuben Morgan, Jason Ingram] "You Have Overcome" (A) [Bill Horn, Erik Oldberg] Dismissal

Thoughts: This was a great weekend. Joe's message was very powerful and challenging, our team led well, and the church was very engaged. Becky Tindell returned to co-lead after her maternity leave, and it was great to have her back. The entire worship team locked in really well and it was a solid weekend musically. I love the songs that we sang this weekend, and I felt like there was a good balance of both energetic songs and reflective songs. Also, our tech team did a great job, with three volunteers running sound, video, and MediaShout for the first time solo. It is really amazing to see how our team is growing and developing. God continues to bring people who have a passion to accomplish the mission of our church together, for which I am extremely grateful. God is doing some great things here, and I truly believe our best days are ahead of us.

Thanks for reading and being a part of this with me!

- Bill


What were your thoughts or experiences from your worship gathering this weekend?