Our new set design - Purpose In Christ

20130126-082834.jpg We recently finished a new set design for our series through 2 Corinthians, "Purpose In Christ." The set is comprised of 1" I insulation foam, with lines drawn and then etched with acetone. We painted the etched cracks flat black, and then rolled an off-white color on the surface. The panels are hung with aircraft cable, hot-glued to the back of the panels.

The whole idea was inspired by the environmental and organic art of Andy Goldsworthy. He had created several clay walls, which he allows to dry and crack over time. They are pretty incredible. My wife Diane and I were introduced to his art and got the inspiration for this design from watching his documentary, "Rivers and Tides." He's a very interesting character, and incredibly brilliant.

Diane and I brought the idea to our tech director, Wyatt Johnston, and our graphic designer, Kip Kraisinger, and they helped sharpen the idea to something that was actually doable. :) (We originally toyed with actually making a clay wall!!!)

We're all really happy with how it turned out. The whole design takes Wyatt's great lighting design very well, and Kip did a great job with the title slide. It almost matches perfectly with the lines in the foam!

This was my first adventure using insulation foam for staging/ set design, and it seems like the potential is nearly limitless for the stuff! Next time, however, we'll probably use 1.5" foam for a little more rigidity.