Thoughts on Twitter for a New Year

I have been thinking a lot about my use of social media. In examining my status updates and tweets, or at least the motives behind them, some questions have arisen about where it could be headed. Am I posting for selfish reasons? Am I posting for the sake of image management (trying to get other people to think of me the way I want them to)? Am I wasting valuable time with some of these posts? Am I trying to give and be generous more than I am seeking to gain from it? Am I building the body of Christ with my posts? Am I making much of Jesus? I think these are valuable questions- ones that give me some clarity about what to do going forward.

From here on, I resolve to use social media for the benefit of others and the kingdom of God. I will make much of Jesus rather than myself. I will build the body of Christ. I will share humor to make people smile. I will share wisdom and experiences so others can learn from my mistakes. I will no longer use it for the sake of myself or my own image. Jesus and His kingdom are infinitely more important, and there is no time to waste.

Hold me to it.