Set List, Sunday 09/05/10 Church at the Mall

We had yet another great day of worship together, as Pastor Jay shared a message about the conviction and drawing of the Holy Spirit. It was a powerful, gospel-centered moment. Here's our set from this weekend:

"God is Alive" [Steve Fee, Eddie Kirkland] "Unchanging" [Chris Tomlin] "Jesus Messiah" [Jesse Reeves, Chris Tomlin, et al] "Because of Your Love" [Phil Wickham] "Jesus Paid It All" [Traditional w/ add. chorus by Alex Nifong] Invitation: "Rescue" [Jared Anderson] Offertory: "Desert Song" [Brooke Fraser]

Sunday was a sweet day of focusing on the cross of Christ and how He redeemed us by His atoning sacrifice. I never get enough of putting my focus there and reminding ourselves of all that Jesus has done to make a way for us where there was no way. "Jesus Messiah," based on one of my favorite verses, 2 Cor. 5:21 ("He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that in Him we might become the righteousness of God") is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I put it off for quite some time (maybe because I was bitter that someone else beat me to using that verse in a song...). Anyway, the declaration of the bridge, "All our hope is in You/ All our hope is in You/ All the glory to You, God/ The Light of the World" is such a powerful statement, one that needs to become something of a motto for the people of God. We have no hope apart from Him and His finished saving work on the cross. We are hopeless without Him!

We also introduced a new song, "Desert Song," which is a song of confidence and constant praise in our God, regardless of the circumstances. It takes the worshiper through the different seasons of life, from hunger to blessing, and reiterates the expression, "I will bring praise, I will bring praise/ No weapon formed against me shall remain/ I will rejoice, I will declare/ God is my victory and He is here." No matter where we are at in our journey, or what the circumstances may be, God is with His children, and He has not forsaken us. We can rest assured of that fact.

It was a great day of worship. There were many who came forward to be baptized or to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. I am excited about what the Lord is doing in our midst.

I hope you had a great day of worship wherever you were.

In the Son,


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