Set List, Sunday 07/18/10 Church at the Mall

(Now playing - Charlie Hall, "Center") Here's our set from this week:

"Faithful One" [original] "Hosanna" [Brooke Fraser, arr. by Starfield] "Let Me Sing" [Todd Fields] "I Need You" [Kristian Stanfill, Louie Giglio] "You Never Let Go" [Matt Redman] "Never Be the Same" [original] "You're the Only One" [original]

This week was a great week of worship. I felt a great deal of freedom and tried a few different things, which was exciting and challenging. I tagged a slower chorus of "Faithful One" (a declaration about God's constancy and immutability) to get us to the tempo of "Hosanna," and it set us up nicely to bring the songs together. I'm not sure where exactly I got the idea, but it probably was inspired by Chris Tomlin and his band at Student Life in Daytona Beach this past week (which was one of the most amazing worship experiences I have ever had, by the way).

The second set of "Let Me Sing," "I Need You," and "You Never Let Go" were all chosen to help us focus in on Pastor Jerry's message about the prayer of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. The elements of praise, recognition of Christ's sacrifice, our need for Him, His faithfulness, and His nearness to us were all intentional to set the stage for prayer. I think we got there, and God worked in a powerful way. God is so good.

I hope you had a great day of worship wherever you were.

God bless you!


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