Set List, Sunday 04/25/10 Church at the Mall

Currently Listening to Explosions in the Sky Here's our set from this morning:

"You Are" [Todd Fields] "Salvation's Chorus" [Todd Fields] "Blessed Be Your Name" [Matt and Beth Redman] "It is Well" [Todd Fields arrangement] "Beautiful" [Phil Wickham] INV: "Never Be the Same" [original] "Because of Your Love" [Phil Wickham]

Today was a great time of worship for me. While I felt like we were fighting uphill trying to get everyone in the congregation on board, I was really excited about what was happening with the band and our offering to God. I felt like I was able to focus well, and that we were all giving it everything we had.

We tried a few new things this morning, and it was exciting to take some creative liberty with the arrangements and the planning. I realized after our acoustic set last week that I have not been taking many risks lately, and things (for me) had become a little stagnant. I thrive on being creative, and without that, things become routine for me, and lose their luster.

On the song "Beautiful," which is an amazing hymn-like song with only four verse that sings about creation, redemption, and consummation, we wanted to emphasize the last verse. It sings, "When we arrive at eternity's shore/ Where death is just a memory and tears are no more/ We'll enter in as the wedding bells ring/ Your bride will come together and we'll sing, You're beautiful." On Phil Wickham's recording, he pulls in a choir of voices behind him, which really ties in well with the message of that verse. We don't have a choir in our service, so we changed what we were doing to emphasize it. I went up and sang the harmony that my female vocalist normally sings, and she sang the melody an octave higher than I would. It was really a strong declaration of hope and eternity. Then, we immediately repeated it, with all the band members playing a drum. The drummer kept playing, and the bassist, guitarist, and pianist all played a floor tom to accent it. Amanda (the other vocalist) and I kept singing, and it was so powerful. I really wanted that part of the song to hit home, as Pastor Jay was preaching about dreams, and I felt that this song really expresses our greatest dream as believers.

We also introduced another new song by Phil Wickham, "Because of Your Love." This song is a beautiful description of the gospel, and the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us. The chorus sings, "Because of Your cross my debt is paid/ Because of Your blood, my sins are washed away/ Now all of my life I freely give/ Because of Your love, because of Your love I live." This is a great, great new song. I highly recommend it.

It was a great day. God was glorified and exalted. I pray that more and more people come along for the journey, giving God the honor and worship He so rightly deserves!

I hope you had a great day, wherever you were worshiping.


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