Set List, Sunday 04/04/10 Church at the Mall

For Easter, we united all of our teams from the "classic," "progressive" (my team), and the "blended" services to do the same service for all three services. Here was our set list: "I've Just Seen Jesus" "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" "Jesus Paid It All" (Kristian Stanfill version) INV - "Never Be the Same" (original - see media page) "Saved the Day" (Michael Neale) "Days of Elijah" (Robin Mark)

It was a great day, and we had a lot of fun celebrating the resurrection of Jesus all together. I don't think everyone in every service was entirely comfortable with each part of the services, but that's okay. We need to stretch ourselves to understand different languages, and that includes music, too. I firmly believe that music is a language with which we communicate with each other and with God. Thus, a worship style choice is a language with which the worshiper is comfortable and familiar in communicating with God and each other. While I think it is more productive to allow people to communicate in their own preferred language for the most part, I also think it can be very healthy to hear the other languages, to recognize that other people can communicate profoundly with the Lord in different ways. That's what we did today in joining together. It was a good thing.

One major mess-up on my part this morning: I started "Jesus Paid It All" in B (our normal key), while the orchestra and the band all had it in C (the Praise Charts key, which is best for the orch). There was no way to seamlessly modulate up a half-step, so the orch just laid out after realizing that I was in B. Whoops! We had a good laugh about it later, but I was a little thrown off by my own mistake. Note to self - put the capo in the right place!!!!

Happy Easter! Jesus is Alive!!!!!!!


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