Set List, 01/24/10 FBC @ the Mall

Here's our set list for this morning: "You Are" [Todd Fields] "Salvation's Chorus" [Todd Fields] "Happy Day" [Tim Hughes] "Lamb of God" [Bill Horn] "You Never Let Go" [Matt and Beth Redman] "I Want to Love You" [Todd Fields] "True Love" [Phil Wickham]

This morning, Pastor Jay spoke about the times when it's difficult to love God. A great message, coming primarily from Jeremiah. In talking with him, we both agreed that suffering, hurt, and frustration are part of life, even the Christian life. It just seems like Western Christianity has forgotten that fact, and as a result, does not know how to deal with it. Jay's message was right on target on the subject, and I think some people really poured out some of their hurts to the Lord this morning, which was a beautiful thing to witness. People were saved, and we worshiped with our hearts. What more can you ask?

"Salvation's Chorus" has so much energy. I'm really enjoying that song and its message lately. We tried one of my originals, "Lamb of God," in a different key, Ab, which is a half-step lower than our usual key. It had a more somber tone to it, and the vocal felt much more natural there. The key of G was just too low, so we struck a perfect balance there. I think it will stay there in the future and when it's recorded. "You Never Let Go" was a great fit with Jay's message, and it communicates our confidence in God in such a beautiful way. I love that song. "You Are" is another great rocker by Todd Fields, and has a very bold lyric ("You are God, Jesus/ Majesty/ You are life, Jesus/ Saving me/ You are King, Jesus/ All will see that You are God"), which I feel the Church really needs to sing. We often don't go far enough in describing the deity of Christ. Jesus is God, and that is a truth that we need to declare together! Very few songs declare this truth so clearly, and I think that is why I enjoy this song so much.

It was a great day today.We fought with the click a little bit because of some noise in the in-ear channels, but we'll get it figured out. I love worshiping with my band. They are so talented, and they love to be a part of leading the church into God's presence. They are a dream come true for me, and I am so thankful for them.

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