Set List 12/06/09 FBC @ the Mall

Here's our set list from this past Sunday. It was a great day of worship, and the acoustic combo was a fun way to deliver it. I hope we can do it again soon.
  • "Joy to the World" (arr. by Bill Horn)
  • "Happy Day" (Tim Hughes)
  • "Blessed Be Your Name" (Matt and Beth Redman)
  • "You Never Let Go" (Matt Redman)
  • "Glory to God Forever" (Steve Fee and Vicki Beeching)
  • "Enough" (Chris Tomlin)
  • "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" (arr. by Bill Horn)

I really enjoyed the combination of "Joy to the World" with "Happy Day." In a way, they bracket the life of Christ and His redemptive work for us. One takes a perspective from before Christ was born, and the other looks from the present backward to all that He accomplished.

"Blessed Be Your Name" is an older but beloved song for the church, and I love how it expresses such confidence in our God despite the circumstances. "You Never Let Go" shares these sentiments. I don't think anyone captures these ideas better than Matt and Beth Redman.

"Glory to God Forever" is a simple but excellent expression of eternal concepts. Essentially, this is what we should all be about: the glory of God, expressed in everything we say and do.

"Enough" worked really well as the invitation for Jay's message this week. God is our supply and He is all that we need. He has been so generous to us with His love and grace and mercy, and we ought to do the same for the people around us.

""O Come, O Come Emmanuel" is quickly becoming one of my new favorite Christmas tunes. I'm pretty happy with this arrangement of it, and I think it has a really cool vibe as an acoustic song. We'll be doing this a few more times this Advent season.